Product Development

You may use our products with confidence knowing that they were developed under the watchful eye of our chemist, who has created products and taught cosmetic chemistry in the USA for more than 40 years. This highly esteemed, well-respected industry professional has many published treatises on cosmetic ingredients. For ZaidanRN, this expert tested and selected the most efficacious ingredients in combinations currently in use. She closely monitored ingredients' effects and adjusted our formulas for maximum potency, all without animal testing.

ZaidanRN prides itself on using formulas that include the most active and effective product ingredients available. All users of ZaidanRN lines saw improved skin quality within 2-4 weeks of initial use.

You are our partner in your skin’s health. If you experience any itching, rash, welts, swelling of the lips or eye area, please  discontinue use immediately. Flaking is normal and is due to exfoliating of devitalized tissue.

Finally, when used as directed, ZaidanRN products and ingredients are designed to work together synergistically to produce beneficial results.  Although these results may vary, we are confident you will experience improvement, based upon extensive testing by hundreds of our clients. The secret to our success is superior ingredients in proven formula combinations. Therefore, we do not recommend mixing other product lines or treatments with ZaidanRN. Doing so may cause adverse reactions, including sensitivity and reactions due to over-treatment.

If you do decide to combine the ZaidanRN protocols with other products or treatments, please note this may nullify anticipated favorable results.